Sunday 28 September 2014

Sis Boom: Shake the room!

I was recently invited to go to a 1970's and 80's dress up party.  I decided to go because it is a rare chance for me to go out, and besides, it sounded like fun! BUT WHAT TO WEAR???? I didn't have much in my wardrobe that was appropriate and at first I was a bit stumped.

I went for a hunt through my stash and found this psycodelic fabric I thought would be perfect. Decision made: 70's it is!

 Now what to make?  I sought some suggestions from the lovely ladies in The Sewing Library and I came up with the perfect solution: The Sis Boom Patricia Tunic.  The bell sleeves and retro styling fitted the bill perfectly.  Better yet, I already had a pair of Judy's Fancy Pants I had made previously to complete the look.

I chose the longest length option and the longest sleeves too.

I didn't make any alterations on the fit for the patricia tunic, and as you can see it is pretty well perfect.  I did alter the Judy's slightly as I measured between sizes. I took a small amount off the waist and hips, but the alteration was pretty simple.  I don't think I have made a pair of pants that I haven't 'tweaked' for fit. The overall effect was great and it was really comfortable.  I did get  a bit hot on the dance floor though.

I must say the the result was "groovy baby"!

You can purchase the Patricia Tunic and Judy's Fancy Pants patterns from the Sis Boom website or from Scientific Seamstress.

Thanks for reading :-)

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