Thursday 16 July 2015

One Thimble 7: The Prince Hoodie

I thought the last post was a long time in coming, but this one takes the cake!  I have had an exceptionally dramatic couple of months, including not one but three hospital admissions.  I am finally back behind the sewing machine and have a few post planned over the next month or two.

In my last post I promised a review of the Prince Hoodie from Issue 7 of One Thimble E-zine.  This gorgeous little number (by TigerLily patterns) sat in my sewing room for ages in a mostly finished state. 

The first thing I did when making this hoodie was go on a "prince hunt" to find a prince that Mr 3 would connect to.  I rummaged through our DVD collection, and came up with Sleeping Beauty.  Mr 3 is a bit of a fan of this movie (mostly due to his obsession with dragons) and it makes it into the watch rotation regularly.  I looked at the prince and their was two outfits shown throughout.  The wedding outfit (NO WAY! It's white! It wouldn't last for long on my boy) and the brown and black outfit he wears in the forest and most importantly, fighting the dragon.  A rummage though the stash provided a good match for the fabric with some Spotlight polar fleece in pale brown and black.

I found the pattern pieces lined up well and the pattern pieces went together nicely - aside for my silly mistake of putting the pattern pieces on the wrong side of the fabric when I cut (LOL) What can I say?  I wasn't well. I decided to persevere nonetheless. Mr 3 won't notice the buttons are on the wrong side!

The hardest part was putting in the buttonholes, but that is due to my old fashioned technology.  My machine is from the early 80's and the buttonholes are completely manual.

Mr 3 loves his new hoodie.  There is also a version for the princess in your life, and you can get both patterns with Issue 7 of One thimble.

Happy sewing :-)

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  1. He looks gorgeous!! Thanks for the review, I have the pattern but am yet to even print it out :)