Monday 17 November 2014

Golden Rippy Calrose Skirt

I was recently chosen to help test the new Golden Rippy Calrose Skirt as part of the recent Aspiring Designers Challenge.  I have to say this pattern went outside of my normal comfort zone as ruffles aren’t really my thing.  I have never been much of a “girlie-girl” so they don’t make it into my wardrobe often.  I was willing to make an exception for this skirt.
I really like the simple line, the line of the ruffles and the fact that they are not overdone.  So many ruffled garments have large ruffles, which I find overwhelm the look of the garment.  I also love the flamenco feel given by the asymmetrical line of the ruffles. 

When I looked at the picture of the skirt, I could just “see” the skirt in an ombre theme and luckily my stash was up to the challenge.  I found some nice blues that toned in together (and even another lighter blue I will make into a matching top later).

The skirt came together well and looks pretty awesome!  I must of done something right as it is the first time I have been featured in a pattern listing. 

The Calrose skirt also has options for a penil skirt and a flared skirt and is now available on the Golden Rippy website and is currently on sale for $10. I hope yours looks as good as mine!

Happy sewing! :-)

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  1. What a beautiful job you did! I love all those shades of blue!