Sunday 2 November 2014

Rabbit Rabbit Creations Komorebi Jacket

As the weather warms up here in the southern hemisphere, it is rapidly heading into autumn (or fall as you may call it) in the northern hemisphere. I have been happily sewing cold weather patterns while my northern hemisphere neighbours sweated away and thought I would share one of my favourites - the Rabbit Rabbit Creations Komorebi Wrap Jacket.
This is a great little jacket that I first made as something a little bit nice to wear to work.  I used some navy polar fleece I had in my stash and was astounded at how quickly and easily this went together. After taping the pattern together it took less than half an hour to make! How awesome is that? AND that included the time I spent unpicking one of the sleeves I sewed on inside out. Oops!  Did I mention that I often sew late at night?

I was lounging around in it on my couch one night when my big sister popped by.  Can you believe it is THAT comfortable? We were frantically planning for my little sister’s wedding and decided that this pattern would be perfect to wear with our bridesmaids dresses – her wedding was in May (nearly winter here).  

What a fabulous idea that turned out to be as the pictures were taken by a lake, in the drizzle when the temperature was 6oC or around 42oF and WINDY.  We however, were toasty warm (except for our legs).  As you can see, we looked fabulous even if the weather was freezing.  Credit for the wedding photos belongs to the lovely Erica and Erin at Margan Photography.
This has become my go to pattern for quick gifts – I have made them for about 6 people so far. 

The Rabbit Rabbit Creations Komorebi Jacket is available in women’s sizing XS to 4XL here and from size 1 to 12 girls’ sizing here.  I hope you love this pattern as much as I do!

Happy sewing! :-)

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